Pure You Story!!

Start life on a healthy track and find powers that you did not even know within.

I used to be an alcoholic. I used to eat fatty low vitamin/ mineral consistent food until my health gave up and I was hospitalized by the age of 20. After drinking 5 years, while smoking and eating only now and again and even then some unhealthy options my body gave up and I had to take time to evaluate what really is important in this life.

HEALTH was the word. If you are not healthy what will your life be? 

It took me 2 years to get back on my feet from that time I was in the hospital. It was not easy as I was in and out often. I had weekend holidays o go home with a drip bottle on my arm and another bag pouring out liquids from my pancreas that was badly damaged. I went trough several surgeries and operations o fix what I had created. There was always involved detoxing times cleansing the body and allowing it to rest.

When I had strength to get out I left Finland where I am from.

I traveled the world several years and find my peace in the nature and ocean. I started to eat like a baby, pure, natural and fresh food. I had to treat my body to the best and there was no exceptions. Fresh air, daily exercise, yoga. snorkeling, swimming, biking ,hikes and sailing was what kept me active. What more I spent time outside than better I felt. What less I watched TV, LAPTOP or listen to my phone then better I felt.

After sometime I became to realize that I have to create my own reality to be ale to live with the rest of the world. I knew here was others like me, who loved to quiet down from the turbulence if the world, eat naturally and live free from human pain.

Pain and suffering is what comes when you judge, push and plan too much.

LET GO AND BE- Who you are when you are happy,  was the words that I adopted from my new friends, I had been living with hippies in Australia, learned from Masai people in Kenya, Maoris in NZ and Philippinas in the Philippines how to use bush medicine and meditation for healing.

The power of surrendering and letting go is much more than the power of pushing hard and forcing.

A natural flow takes you back to that Pure You, that you are when you wake up in this world as a child.

Then there is no other needs than the most basic ones to sleep, eat and enjoy fresh air and good company. The pure happiness to be alive!

With yoga ( I became a teacher 2014) one can find internal peace as well as heal what needs to be healed. One can tune the body and soul with the mind to become powerful and healthy just with this simple practice combined with right nutrition.

Yoga took me to Raw foods and detox as a science to apply in life and after studying few years I knew his is the answer what the world needs now. 

To become PURE- Pure You- That beautiful being who respects the nature to the very deepest point and has no other intention than be blissful and happy.

ANANDABALASANA- Happy baby pose. Ananda means bliss in sancrit and has a true meaning of letting go and relaxing


- HAKUNA MATATA- My favourite saying in Kenya- Do not worry.

Life just is, what ever it brings and takes it is just a part of the natural flow that we create in our lives. Every action has a reaction...

The way you live think and eat reflects straight to the outer world and has much bigger impact on everything around us that we can ever realize!

Be the best of you is our motto, Be the Pure Beautiful You and stay in Bliss. It is easy when you feel good- you feel good when the body gets exercise and great food. Sunlight and fresh air. The humanity is ow trying to kill it self with polluting the air, food and water around us. We need to turn around and say STOP.


Just stop all that you think you need to do and then with a peace of mind please rethink what is really important to you and how can you get it in the most ecological way with out polluting or disturbing life around you or within you anymore that it already is.

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