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Meet Maija Kujala
 Owner and operator, passionate about wellbeing and healthy life style. "Since I was a child all I wanted to do was be active, eat natural and create fun adventures and events where ever I went. Now I took the step to do that all while educating and empowering people around the world!"
Pure You is my baby; a happy and healthy inspirational idea that has no limit's! Fun, colourful and Fresh- Pure You will lead you for a healthier tomorrow!
See you soon & Namaste :)


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Detox& Weightloss
We are what we eat, when you eat well, you will also live well.
Pure you is here to help you to find Great health with balanced diet and provide good quality education, personal coaching plans and best international supplements to support your transformational journey. 
We all have a unique way of taste and preferences what feels good to the body and what we prefer to eat. That's why I encourage you to take time to learn how to balance your daily routine for optimal wellbeing physically and mentally with organic, vegetarian diet and mindful movement. It is easy and fun when you have the right tools and great teachers!
Be Pure, Be You!
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Nutrition Counselling


When you are ready to go deeper in your natural wellbeing and take control of your eating habits, nutrition counseling will give you time to learn and try out Pure You method with personal assistance along the way!

Lets tailor make you a plan that gives you he most!

WEIGHT LOSS; Easy and effective programs for small weight adjustments and bigger weightloss goals using natural Vegetarian diet and healthy mindful movement.